a new reading

june 8 2020

something new over at the diarist reads aloud: September - Litany - Miracles (15min) – "September 1, 1939" by W.H. Auden; "Litany in Which Certain Things Are Crossed Out" by Richard Siken; and "Miracles" by Walt Whitman.

a late april update

april 20 2020

still healthy, still safe, still sad some days. grateful for my good fortune. simultanously grieving the loss of the world as it was, trying to make sense of the new normal. making space for all the feelings.

recent updates to the pandemic page include: some stylish, downloadable Zoom backgrounds; journal prompts; additional ways to do good; and maybe one of my videos is hiding on this page somewhere too...

plus, a few new game additions to the e-lit page. no time like the present to dive into the world of interactive fiction.

EDIT (april 21): just added pandemic listening to the podcasts section.

in times of pandemic, still we blog

update • 10:10pm PST

I should be sleeping already but whatever!! the page now has a few uplifting news stories, a little entertainment, and links to trusted sources for more info. and now, for real, I am going to bed.


4:37pm PST• march 17 2020

this page is only about 20 minutes old as I write this, but I will be updating this page about the coronavirus outbreak with resources, suggestions, and thoughts as they occur.

with you,

gather round and I'll tell you a story

march 16 2020

a friend of mine had a pretty cool idea for keeping each other company while the COVID-19 pandemic restricts social gathering. we've got a little book club going—folks pick a book (ideally something creative commons or otherwise available for free online already) and read a few chapters each day. I've decided to serve as short story contributor, reading a mix of classics and modern works.

maybe you are in need of a little company. maybe you're like me, and audiobooks are one of the ways you keep up with your reading. I will be posting the stories I read here: the diarist reads aloud.

EDIT: if y'all have requests for things you would like to hear me read, let me know! I welcome your suggestions.

don't panic,

hey gang: update time

march 10 2020

slowly but surely, this little site-seedling is growing. thanks so much to the folks who've said nice things about my self care & self keeping page. the subject certainly takes up a lot of my brain space, so you can expect updates to come.

the writing page now includes an faq about journaling and a bit of my experience mood tracking with daylio. over at links & resources, there's a nice little collection of free resources, communities I like, some music to relax to, and other stuff. and finally, the beginnings of a page on electronic literature—my interest has largely been hypertext fiction, but the e-lit umbrella also encompasses interactive works, online multimedia work, art games, digital poetry and generally work that is meant to live in the digital space.

the site is looking nicely minimalist & text-based—as much as I love some of the busy, throwback web design here on neocities, I've realized that I want to use this space to write more than to play with design. I've also embraced my unfinished, to-be-updated pages. blogging has never been my forte, in part because I'd end up with a lot of half-finished drafts. well, now we are going to end up with a sprawling web of "static" yet constantly evolving pages. I will try to shout out major updates here on the homepage. I encourage exploration.

lastly—neocities fam, show me your sites! I love seeing your comments on my profile and would like to get to know you. I make no promises (because I am the worst) but I will endeavour to be around, leave comments for all y'all, and be a good community member. grateful for you, gang.

much love,