electronic literature

for previous writings on e-lit, you can check out the blog I kept while I was in university. (note: some info may be out of date! programs get updated, links go dead...you know the internet.)

writing hypertext

I got my start writing interactive fiction in twine. it's a tool for telling interactive, non-linear stories – or any other kind of writing based around hyperlinks. some people use it to create choose-your-own-adventure stories, while others use it to create interactive poetry, or other text-based projects. if you're interested in text adventures, twine is a good place to start. simple to use, but lots of flexibility if you want to get more complex.

recommended reading: Videogames for Humans, edited by merritt kopas. I absolutely adore this book. it's essential a curated collection of twine playthroughs, writers and critics reading/playing and commenting one another's work.


17776 by Jon Bois - the best way to experience this is to go in knowing nothing about it.

Fabricationist Dewitt Remakes the World by Jedediah Berry - my favourite IF work. I love the style and the story in equal measure.

Galatea by Emily Short - a conversation with a living statue. sometimes it goes well.

Birdland by Brendan Patrick Hennessey & illustrated by Izzy Marbella - good dialogue, girls who like girls, birds, dreams, mystery, and summer camp. this makes me want more interactive fiction YA novellas.

Cactus Blue Motel by Astrid Dalmady - three girls come across a totally normal motel in the middle of the desert. dig the neon vibes.

interesting, very interesting...

Not Quite a Sunset: A Hypertext Opera by Kyle Rowan - it's not often that music is a central part of a text adventure.

rat chaos by winter lake - do any of us really know what rat chaos means?

interactive media for self-care

Interactive fiction, and other interactive works, have the potential to be used as tools for self-reflection and self care. the benefits of the work may lie in its form, content, or both.

you feel like shit: an interactive self-care guide by Jace Harr – an interactive flow chart for those who struggle with self care

Player 2 by Lydia Neon – conflict resolution and personal reflection

stars by lysander – a mediation/escape through images, words, & music