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my new podcast, a listening library update, and Doctor Who

sep 22 2020

hi gang! a few updates for you loyal website-viewers.

First of all—I produced a podcast! It's called Good For All and is produced within posAbilities. Here's the pitch: In our work at posAbilities, we assist persons with developmental disabilities to lead meaningful and healthy lives by partnering with the community. On our show, we share stories about disability, community and inclusion and invite you to join us as we work toward our vision of “good and full lives for all.”

The show may or may not be your thing (if you are or know someone with a developmental disability who lives in BC, it may be your thing!) but I think the first episode has wide appeal. It's about innovation in the social services sector. How do we take systems that are designed to provide the essentials of life (housing, food, mental health & addiction suport) and transform them to also help people flourish? How do we bring beauty, meaning, and purpose into people's lives? I talked to our Director of Innovation, Gord Tulloch, about it. Gord is bighearted and curious and passionate, and he is one of my favourite people I've met through work. Listen for Gord.

In other news, a listening library update! I have added a page detailing some of my favourite audio dramas. I've got some Big Finish Doctor Who stories, some podcasts, and obviously some of Dirk Maggs' projects. As I write this, it is one giant page, but I may split it into multiple pages to make it more readable.

We are heading into the home stretch for VEDS. I've been doing shout-outs on Sundays, and this week's shout-outs were Doctor Who-themed because I am getting into Classic Who! One audio drama (linked on the new page!) and also the documentary series by Clever Dick Films on YouTube. Richard's videos are looking at the whole history of the show and everything that surrounds it, one Doctor at a time. (He is also, I'm proud to report, my 100th subscriber. Thank you, sir.)

His videos were the push for me to get into the Classic era, so I am starting with the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker. May as well start with the really iconic one, right? And you guys...I am loving it. I love Tom's Doctor, I love Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, I love the stories we get in seasons 12 & 13. For this brief moment, as I burn through classic episodes like an expanding star, I am filled with utter joy.

friends, I am very tired. lonely, and tired, and making all kinds of decisions I'm not proud of. (if I haven't messaged you back I'm probably agonizing about it, though of course that does you no good.) but then again, making so many things I am proud of. connecting with people. writing. listening. the world is terrifying and it is beautiful and here.

you are here too. thank you for being here.

gratefully yours,


here we go!

sep 2 2020

And we're back! Tessa, Caleb, James, Jeffrey and I are all back this year. Plus, my friend Graham—a musician and regular vlogger—is joining us! Keep up with the project here: VEDS 2020.

You can watch my first video below.

the return of VEDS

aug 19 2020

less than two weeks to go till september, and you know what that means—it's time for VEDS! and if you don't know what that means, well, you've got some new pages to explore. get the scoop on this vlogging challenge, check out last year's videos, and send me your ideas for this year.

in the spirit of vlogging, I've also added a couple more royalty-free music resources to the free resources page—the Blue Dot Sessions and Loyalty Freak Music.

about the site

slowly but surely, this little site-seedling is growing. embrace the unfinished, to-be-updated pages. blogging has never been my forte, in part because I end up with a lot of half-finished drafts. well, now we are going to end up with a sprawling web of "static" yet constantly evolving pages. I will try to shout out major updates here on the homepage. I encourage exploration.

this is a holding ground for the things that inspire me. an anchor, a central repository where I can store all the many tools and works and words that make me feel like a person. I write about personal reflection, self-keeping, creation, and mental health.

listen, I'm making this up as I go. some stuff might be broken or unfinished when you stumble upon it. you cool with that? cool, me too.

I use capitalization very loosely. no apologies for the inconsistent lowercase aesthetic.

neocities fam, I love seeing your comments on my profile and would like to get to know you. I make no promises (because I am the worst) but I will endeavour to be around, leave comments for all y'all, and be a good community member.


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