another podcast, a new RSS feed, & a virtual cafe

nov 25 2020

“November—with uncanny witchery in its changed trees. With murky red sunsets flaming in smoky crimson behind the westering hills. With dear days when the austere woods were beautiful and gracious in a dignified serenity of folded hands and closed eyes...Days when an exquisite melancholy seemed to hang over the landscape and dream about the lake.”

– L.M. Montgomery, The Blue Castle

brisk winds, long scarves, warm blankets. bundled up outside or huddling at home. winter is here. I walked in the snow in the big wide world, then I returned to four walls, three screens, two minds, and just one life.

that's where my head's at. on to the update, and it's a long one today:

after a little clicking around, I've figured out how to set up an RSS feed for these updates! (if you were wondering who is manually writing RSS feeds in the year 2020, the answer is me.) you can subscribe by pasting the feed link into your preferred RSS reader.

additionally, there's now a link to a sitemap at the bottom of the homepage. might be useful if you're looking for something.

my pal Abbie has been rounding up a few friends (including me!) each month to watch a movie and record a commentary. it's sort of a resurrection of an old project, but it's got a brand new neocities site, thanks to me: the Title TK podcast. no name? no problem! what we lack in title, we make up for with our panel of clever, funny, enthusiastic humans talking movies. so far it's just musicals; we promise to expand our horizons in the coming months :D it's super casual, lo-fi listening and we do it just for fun, but the conversations head into some pretty interesting territory. if I were to recommend one episode, it would be our Prince of Egypt commentary in which Art and Esther discuss what makes it not just a great biblical movie, but a great Jewish movie.

in neocities news, I would like to welcome Aegi to our corner of the web! she's still setting up, but I encourage you to hop over to Aegi's Cafe and look around. tip: head over to 'Explore' to check out the observatory and do some stargazing!

a few folks lately have mentioned enjoying my recommendations, from the audio dramas to interactive fiction to free resources. firstly, I am so glad to hear this. secondly, I now put a note at the top of each page indicating when it was last updated, with anchor links to new additions. of course, I'll try to let you know here, too, if I add anything notable (but sometimes I forget). thirdly, there are so many things in my bookmarks I'd like to migrate to this site. this digital garden is always growing—sometimes slowly, sometimes in eager bursts.

what else...nanowrimo is nearly over. even with a mere 9800 words so far, I've beaten my word count totals from the last three years, and I'm proud of that. it's okay for writing not to be my top priority. I do so many other things.

and in my classic Doctor Who journey (happy belated #DoctorWhoDay), I am now enjoying the TARDIS team of the Second Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria. heckin' love those three. also been watching the Third Doctor and Jo. adore them, too. not that I would ever pit Doctors against each other...

stay cool,

about the site

slowly but surely, this little site-seedling is growing. embrace the unfinished, to-be-updated pages. blogging has never been my forte, in part because I end up with a lot of half-finished drafts. well, now we are going to end up with a sprawling web of "static" yet constantly evolving pages. I will try to shout out major updates here on the homepage. I encourage exploration.

this is a holding ground for the things that inspire me. an anchor, a central repository where I can store all the many tools and works and words that make me feel like a person. I write about personal reflection, self-keeping, creation, and mental health.

listen, I'm making this up as I go. some stuff might be broken or unfinished when you stumble upon it. you cool with that? cool, me too.

I use capitalization very loosely. no apologies for the inconsistent lowercase aesthetic.

neocities fam, I love seeing your comments on my profile and would like to get to know you. I make no promises (because I am the worst) but I will endeavour to be around, leave comments for all y'all, and be a good community member.