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a new reading

june 8 2020

something new over at the diarist reads aloud: September - Litany - Miracles (15min) – "September 1, 1939" by W.H. Auden; "Litany in Which Certain Things Are Crossed Out" by Richard Siken; and "Miracles" by Walt Whitman. edit: the link was broken; now fixed!

a late april update

april 20 2020

still healthy, still safe, still sad some days. grateful for my good fortune. simultanously grieving the loss of the world as it was, trying to make sense of the new normal. making space for all the feelings.

recent updates to the pandemic page include: some stylish, downloadable Zoom backgrounds; journal prompts; additional ways to do good; and maybe one of my videos is hiding on this page somewhere too...

plus, a few new game additions to the e-lit page. no time like the present to dive into the world of interactive fiction.

EDIT (april 21): just added pandemic listening to the podcasts section.

about the site

this is a holding ground for the things that inspire me. an anchor, a central repository where I can store all the many tools and works and words that make me feel like a person.

banish all the rest.

I just need a place where I can hide and be myself.

listen, I'm making this up as I go. some stuff might be broken or unfinished when you stumble upon it. you cool with that? cool, me too.

I use capitalization very loosely. no apologies for the inconsistent lowercase aesthetic.


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